Watchmen Website Security Clearances
An explanation of the various Security
Clearance Levels within the WOA.
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YELLOW - LEVEL IIndividual Associate Members

This is the most basic security level of the Watchmen Of America. Level I is comprised of all active dues paying members. All Level I pages are secured for this clearance only and may NOT be shared with anyone who is Not a WOA member. Page links nor actual content of web site pages or files, etc. CANNOT be shared or provided to any outside entity or person. Any violation of this protocol will result in immediate termination of membership.
ORANGE - LEVEL IINational Staff Members

This is a second level security status and is reserved for any members who have volunteered and been accepted for a National Staff position.  Members who are classified in this level have access to certain pages as National Staff that cannot be shared or accessed by regular members. This would include areas such as Member Services, Customer Support Operations, Web Site Tool Functions, State Coordinator Areas, Staff Training Pages, etc.

GREEN - LEVEL IIIState Group Members

This security clearance level is reserved for Watchmen of America members who are also members of an Official State Group. This level of clearance has access to certain areas of the web site particularly focused on State Group activities, Events, Benefits, etc. These areas and the contents contained within are NOT to be shared or accessed by anyone with less than a Green - Level-III clearance. Any violation of this protocol will result in immediate termination of both their State Group and National membership.

GRAY - LEVEL IVState Family Protection Group  (FPG) Members

The Gray Level IV security clearance is for State Group members who have successfully qualified and been accepted as Family Protection Group (FPG) Operatives and/or Trainees. This specialized unit within each State Group trains in specific tactics and operations related to Family Security and Emergency Extractions and Rescues. There are certain pages related to Classified Training Materials, Reference Material, On-Line Educational Courses, Benefits, etc. that are unique to these Member Operatives only.
BLUE - LEVEL VState Group Command Elements  (CO & XO)

This security clearance level is reserved for the Command Element of each Official State Group within the Watchmen of America. The Command Element consists of the Commander (CO) and the Executive Officer (XO) of each group. These particular members have access to specific specialized areas of the web site designated for all Command Elements with respect to Communications, Resource Material, Special Documents, Operational Requests, etc.

RED - LEVEL VI National Officers and Directors

The Red - Level VI  security clearance consists of any members who also hold executive positions within the National Watchmen of America organization. These may be Department Heads or Specific Area Managers who oversee different divisions or services. All these positions are considered "Officers" of the WOA and hold seats on the Watchmen Command Board as well. This level has access to very specific areas of the Watchmen web site that consists of information and or resources they use in the performance of their duties.
PURPLE - LEVEL VII National Administrative Officers ( Top Three)

There are three Top Officer positions within the Watchmen Of America. These top officers are referred to as the 1st Officer, 2nd Officer, and 3rd Officer. These positions are the Administrative Officers that lead and manage the overall operations of the Watchmen of America organization. They hold the highest level of clearance in the organization within the Purple - Level VII.  There are areas of the web site where only these Officers can view and work from in the performance of their duties.

Some Areas of the Watchmen of America web site are secured for specific purposes and for specific classifications of Security Clearance. These pages will all have a Special Clearance Level Button in the very far upper LEFT corner of each page screen.
The section below will explain what the different Security Clearance Levels are and
what access is allowed for each based on the type of participant involved.

NOTE:  Certain Areas within the website that have higher security clearances
than LEVEL I  will require a specific password to enter the page(s).

If you are Authorized and Pre-Approved to enter those areas, you
will be provided the password(s) to those pages. The passwords for
these pages have no relation to the password you set up with your
Membership Profile. You will need to obtain these special passwords
from your particular Program Officer.
If you are experiencing problems with Security Access and/or your Level of Clearance, then you may contact Member Services to receive assistance with this issue.
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You may also contact our Customer Support Staff at the link near the top left of this page.