The Sentinel Alert System is a program designed as a specialized watch program, involving the monitoring and reporting of specific events and activities in various areas or regions across the country.

INTEL is reported or gathered and sent to a Centralized Receiving Center (CRC) for dissemination and/or immediate dispatch to all of our Watchmen Members and the General Public, depending on the nature of the situation and/or potential threat to American citizens as a whole.

Our purpose is NOT to report the news or current events, but rather
to report on highly volatile incidents that may or may not be covered by main stream media. Additionally our mission is to expose what is actually TRUE in the way of media stories by confirming through investigations, which reports are false, misrepresented or outright deceitful.

NOTE:   While the Watchmen Of America provides this exclusive program for public access, not all features, functions, information, reports, etc. are available to the general public. Certain areas of this program are reserved for Watchmen Of America Members Only.

If you would like to become more involved in participation as a Sentinel Operative, visit to learn more about becoming a member of our Intel Network.