Training Information
Currently our Training Sessions ( CTX or FTX ) will be held ONCE per month until further notice.

Emails are sent out in advance so that each member will have the opportunity to plan and attend the scheduled training events.

Equipment Needs

We do have a list of required equipment for members that we will share with you, and there is no need to get discouraged if you do not have many of the items on the list.

We have our very own exclusive National Supply Store available to Members, that will allow you to buy anything you need at FACTORY COST, thereby saving you a tremendous amount of money.

Our advantage over most organizations is we are affiliated Nationally and this provides us with more "buying power" to enable us to provide these savings to our members.
We will train in many disciplines to be ready for any and all situations such as, but Not limited to:

Active Shooter Response
Situational Awareness
Community Security
First Aid / Medical Trauma
Wilderness Survival
Personal Security
Search and Rescue
Primitive Living
Tactical Training
Firearm Safety
Home Defense Tactics

.....and MUCH more.