Membership Information
The Watchmen of Ohio, are a Civil Defense and Preparedness Community.

We are an Affiliate State Chapter and supporter of the National Organization
and program known as Watchmen of America.

We are American Citizens that have come together as a group and united by
our moral beliefs, and to live by and under the Constitution of the
United States and the Bill of Rights.

Membership is open to ALL U.S. Citizens who are age 18 or over and their Families.

Each State Chapter Member is required to join the Watchmen Of America Program.
Membership Dues for each person as a State Chapter Member is $39.95 annually.

We are people with the same mind set of being prepared for the worst-case scenarios
that could fall upon us, whether it is man made disasters, natural disasters, economic
collapse, government shut-downs, acts of terrorism, etc.

Collectively as a group we stand a much higher chance of survival and protection.

Individually, We are weak and vulnerable.........Together, we have strength in numbers!