What Is A Ghost Member?
Joining As A "Ghost" Member

The Following Information will explain what it means to be
a GHOST Member of the Watchmen Program,
and why this may be necessary and suggested for some People

Joining the Watchmen of America Program as a "Ghost" Member
is Necessary and Recommended for certain people.

We have Members from all walks of life and that includes all
kinds of Professions and backgrounds as well.

Some of these professions are very sensitive in nature, such as;

Police Officers
Sheriffs Deputies
Government Employees
Military Personnel

In the political climate we live in .............

and the fact that Survival based groups,
Preppers, Patriots, Activists, Constitutionalists,
Militia members, etc...... have all been declared "Domestic
Terrorists" by our government and closely ridiculed and demonized
by the Main Stream Media and various government agencies.....

This has created a situation whereby some employers look down
upon anyone, who is active in any of these sort of groups or activities.

It is for this purpose that we have created the
"Ghost" Membership Feature.

This means that a person can join and participate in our program
totally anonymous, without risk of exposing their interests or
involvement to their employers or others.

A "Ghost" Member joins using a Call-Sign, Or  Nickname
such as "Tanker"  or  "Wild Rose"

They would submit a third party address in order
to receive their mailing packages.
This could be a friend, relative or a State Group Commander
or another member of their State Group. 

In some cases, if the member lives close enough
they can even use the address of our own State Coordinators,
and get their packages hand-delivered.

They would create a special Email Address for receiving updates and
Program News, Receipts, Notices, etc.  You can do this using a variety
of free email hosts such as  GMail.com, Yahoo.com, Hushmail.com, etc.

The Ghost member can even use a third party person to make their payments
or they can simply send us a Money Order in the mail if they don't want to
use online credit card services.

*  *  *  *  *

In this manner, the person remains totally anonymous and un-exposed
to those that might cause them loss of job  or punishment if they found out
about their involvement in our Program.

There is nothing illegal about what we do, it simply comes down to
a matter of being singled out for one's participation in what is
otherwise known as inappropriate organizations by liberal socialists.

If you need to be a Ghost Member for any of these reasons,
you can still be a part of the Watchmen of America Program
and remain anonymous throughout the process.

Just fill out your Registration Form accordingly and make
sure you indicate that you wish to be a GHOST Member.

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