To All Watchmen

No Amount of words can completely describe my relationship
with OldBulldog, nor could they express the amount
of respect and love for him as my mentor and a friend.

I know he would say that he never considered himself a
mentor to me but in reality his humble strength and
cool demeanor as well as the power of submission in
his voice, taught me more than he would ever realize.

I cannot ever remember telling him just how much power
and strength his friendship meant to me.

He was always my guiding light through
storms of adversity.

He was the respect and decorum I drew from when I could
almost not bare the next day or weeks ahead.

He gave me the strength and encouragement
to maintain honor and integrity when I faced
the toughest of enemies and the harshest of critics.

I know he was not well when he first fell ill to a sickness.
Yet he hurt not for himself, but rather for all of us
as he felt he was letting us down.

He would ignore his own pain in order to relieve
the sufferings of others around him.

His selfless devotion to the Watchmen of America
was monumental in his daily life.

If I could speak for him now, I would hear him say,.....

"Never give up the fight."

"Fight to win and never let them see fear from you."

"Stand your ground and take every inch, every foot
and every mile you can."

"At the end of the day you can tend to your wounds,
but be assured the battle you must get back to
tomorrow and however long it takes until the
Watchmen have completed their mission."

I will forever remember his "day of the Creed"
as he, in his humble way reluctantly felt another
should convey these words.
I urged him onward against his gruff resistance.

I remember playing back the recording to him as he
seemed surprised that he had done so well.
He explained that he had merely spoke it from his heart.

His commanding voice and the sincere spirit in which
he narrated the creed truly made it his own.

Something we all as Watchmen
can live by in our daily lives

He proudly took ownership of the Creed as it became the
Cornerstone of the organization he helped to create.

I say this now, to all of you,
who are truly Watchmen........

Let us forge the future as he would have wanted.
Let us carry on the work that needs so much attention.
Let us complete the mission as we know any
honorable marine would have us do.
Let us, not look back into the past at our mistakes
and failures, but rather look ahead to the path
of the glory that we must achieve.

For OldBulldog will be waiting there for us
as we see his gleaming spirit to lead us to the final
rally point of life.

From OldBulldog to all of us...........

"The time for tears is over."
"Stay Eternally Vigilant Watchmen and I'll
See you on the other side."

OldBulldog we shall always love and cherish you
our Watchmen Brother.

~ Freebyrd ~

From Freebyrd
1st Officer
Play the
Marines Prayer
6/5/48 - 2/17/14
2md Officer