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The Members of the Watchmen Of America aspire to Unite collectively as Citizens of the United States of America in order to Educate, Prepare and Secure the Survival of one another in times of tragic need and danger.

We hold the privacy of each Member in the Highest Regard and agree to not jeopardize any Member by divulging any personal or sensitive information or knowledge about them, that could put them at risk.

We Agree to come to the Aid of our Watchmen Brothers and Sisters in their
time of need or Dire Straits, to the best of our ability.

We Agree to Defend each Member's Rights under the Law as set forth by the Constitution of the United States of America.

We do NOT tolerate discrimination with respect to race, creed, color or gender, etc.

We Agree to Not Participate in any Act that is deemed to be criminal under the Laws of the Constitution of the United State of America.

We do NOT participate in extreme activism or protest situations, however if those situations pose a risk or danger due to chaotic behavior, we WILL defend and protect our members from those situations.

We Agree to uphold the fair treatment of others who may seek our assistance as Non Watchmen Members.

We Agree to not take position with regard to religion or politics that would directly be a misrepresentation of the Watchmen Of America or it's policies and beliefs.

We Agree, that while we all may not Agree with each other on every subject, we will not use personal verbal attacks of disrespect. We will honor each others' position respectfully and with Honor and Integrity and to realize that there may always be more than one way to resolve a problem in different ways.

We Agree to Welcome the opportunity to work with other Organizations who are like-minded and make every effort to maintain a cohesive and positive relationship which will be guided by the principles of our common belief in Freedom, Liberty and Justice. We do not agree with or participate in radicalization of any person or groups.

We do Not Agree with Infighting and Disruption and Conflict within the Patriot Community and we Agree Not to participate in such activities, nor will we promote the division or subversion of other organizations.

We shall Not Support other Organizations or Individual Patriots who seek to Disrupt, Divide and/or Destroy positive relationships and Alliances.