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Pastor Stephen Shafer
AKA "Preacherman"
My name is Preacherman. I am a Watchmen of America by choice; I probably always have been as my core beliefs are the same.

I am a non-religious, non-denominational preacher. I believe in relationship and spirituality, not religion. I am also a state and board certified  therapist.

I believe in relationships, people, hope, love, life, and inherent goodness. I am the Preacher for The Watchmen of America.
So, a little about me: I have been through almost everything a person can go through and live to tell about it. I have had different careers throughout my life, but the most rewarding has been this last one, being a therapist and pastor. I graduated from the school of hard knocks and the University of Scranton with a minor in philosophy, a minor in religion, an under graduate degree in human services, and a graduate degree in rehabilitation counseling. I have been ordained through “The Monastery” since 2011.

My goal is to help people through the hard times. If you  need prayer, or just an ear to bend, we are here. Spiritual guidance of any type is also available. It helps to talk and to get things out. I have two favorite places in the bible I go when things get rough for me. They are both in the Psalms.

The first is Psalm 91. ......The second is Psalm 23, ..... these Psalms both bring me comfort and hope. I hope that they will for you as well. Please visit my web sites, and feel free to use the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.