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Individually, we are weak and vulnerable, Together, we have strength in numbers!

As most of you know, my 24 year old nephew Darren has been in the hospital for a couple weeks now, with most of that time being in ICU on a ventilator.

He has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, which has affected his swallowing, breathing, and heart rate.  He was finally able to get a bed at Baylor in Dallas,  which is 2+ hours away from their home. He did have surgery to remove what they could and to do a biopsy. With where the tumor is, they are uncertain of how much they were able to remove so They are still waiting on further test results to decide where to go from here. Looking at possible chemo and/or radiation.

Darren is one of 6 children living at home. I can only imagine the financial bind this is causing them. So instead of doing a GoFund Me, where they take a chunk of it, therefore my dad's organization (Watchmen of America) has volunteered to allow us to use their Call-To-Action Feature and Donate Function on their website and go through Paypal.

The Watchmen of America has offered to cover ALL fees so that Every Dime donated will go to Misty and Ray to help where needed!

No amount is too small, and if you aren't able to at this time, please continue to pray and share! Thank you all and GOD BLESS!!