The Sentinel Program is open to all Members of the Watchmen Of America program.

The idea behind the Sentinel Program is to have several individuals in each of the
50 United States whereby specific observations of certain activities are performed and
reported back to a Centralized Receiving Center (CRC) here at our website.
This information, usually critical in nature, can then be forwarded to all of our Patriot Members in the event of an emergency.

Many times, events take place in local areas that are not immediately reported on
the mainstream media outlets such as television, newspaper, or radio broadcasts.
The events are sometimes reported the next day, week, etc. or possibly never covered at all by the media.  When activities such as government raids, unlawful roadblocks,
martial law, random search and seizures, etc. take place, we all as concerned Patriots
need to be made aware of these events.  Not only to be prepared for ourselves and the
protection of our families, but to warn all others of these events as well.

This is the reason for the creation of the Sentinel Program. We need true dedicated Patriots to volunteer to participate in alerting this website whenever such events occur, and to respond to requests for investigation and confirmation of reports that come in.

We do not ask that you get involved directly in any of these situations or to put yourself
in harms way.  You are simply expected to gather as much information (INTEL) and evidence about the activity as possible and report it back to us, and try to keep us posted, so we can pass this along to others.

There are many means by which information about these events or activities can be obtained. Perhaps the situation is covered by your local TV news stations but is not covered on a national level, this happens very frequently.  Another way is to monitor Police Band radios or Citizen Band (CB) radios and HAM radios.  Perhaps you are out on the town one night and you personally were subjected to an unlawful road block or witnessed a convoy of military vehicles armed and otherwise
in an unusual place or location.

As a Sentinel, you could therefore capture evidence by way of photo, video, etc. and
report these activities back to us as they may be part of a larger operation
directed against all Freedom loving Patriots.

This is a fantastic system and it is now proven to work..........
BUT, it doesn't work without YOU.

We need your help. We need YOU to volunteer and be trained to participate and
be there for ALL Patriots when we cannot always know what is taking place,
due to media blackouts, locale, etc.

If you feel that you are able to fulfill this role and are dedicated, and are willing
to put forth the effort we urge you to fill out an application as a Sentinel here at
and be a part of the Freedom Movement.

There are a limited number of positions in each state available, so please act quickly.

Sign-up As A Sentinel
by clicking the button below and letting us know that
you too are dedicated in sharing and obtaining information that
may be crucial to all Patriots in these very troubled times.
Our Creed
I am a Watchmen for the flock, I am not alone.
Brothers and Sisters we are, standing vigilant in our duty.
Danger will not pass our way, that is not sounded to the heavens for all to hear.
I stand my post, I am ever watchful
About The Sentinel Program
Sentinel Program:
Our SENTINEL Project is designed for our members who wish to participate in a specialized watch program, involving the monitoring and reporting of specific events and activities in their local area or region and RECON of information back to a Centralized Receiving Center (CRC)
for dissemination and/or immediate dispatch to all
of our Patriot Members and the General Public.

Sentinel Definition - a person charged to keep watch for some anticipated event or activity.  a lookout, lookout person, picket, scout, sentry, spotter, watch, security guard, watchman, watcher - a guard who keeps watch
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